Robot Simulation Application Scenarios

When enterprise customers apply robotic or automated systems, or need to make changes and adjustments to existing systems, they need professional integration companies to combine current production requirements for specialized design and control program development, as well as the manufacture of some specialized components before putting them into use. High investment and long time, and once the production conditions change after put into use, it needs professional engineers or integrators to develop again. Investment in automation, which is supposed to reduce costs and increase efficiency, is on the contrary growing.

Therefore, SMPL Robotics is building a public simulation application platform that integrates suppliers and users related to robot and automation system and can realize automatic programming. This allows users to build robot systems using graphical manipulations such as drag-and-drop without programming, and the application experience can be shared with other users through the network platform. This will greatly reduce the application cost, shorten the system construction time, and improve the ease of use of the robot system.
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